This page contains some of the frequently asked questions and answers for Video Safe.

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Q: Why don't I see any videos?
A: Your phone may not have any videos on it. You can capture a video using the VideoCam program on the phone, or download one from the internet.

Q: How do I hide a video?
A: In the public tab, click on a video. A menu will show up that enables you to hide the video.

Q: Why can't I view a video?
A: In our test environment, I can view videos that I took with the camera and downloaded from internet. I haven't encountered a video that I cannot view. If you do encounter a problem viewing it, please use the "Feedback" menu and send me an email. Let me know
  • if you took the video with your phone's camera or downloaded it from the internet.
  • what is the format of the video
  • the URL link to your video (if it's possible to send it)
Q: How do I purchase a license?
A: Please visit the product's home page to see the instruction.

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